Decoupage Clarified

Decoupage, likewise described as ‘Decopatch’, is an extremely popular craft, permitting enormous flexibility and creativity in designs. It is a fun and economical method to decorate practically any things. In this hub is a quick idea for some individual and original image frames.

You can in fact develop a thousand decoupage ideas by believing creatively, and choosing exactly what you truly want. The sort of style you pick likewise depends on the location where you will keep the decoupaged item. For example, if it is a wooden screen you want to decoupage, its style will certainly be dependent on the room you place it in. So think about the kind of style you want to use to decoupage the item.

Some Random Thoughts About Decoupage

When you have chosen exactly what you wish to decoupage and how you wish to do it, it’s time to begin preparing all the products that will certainly go into developing your work of art.

The term decoupage originates from the French word, ‘decouper’ which translates actually as ‘cut out’. The craft consists of cutting out images or strips of paper and pasting these onto the object you want to embellish.

Clear Varnish- This is optional. If you are releasing a furniture piece and you would like to protect your design/add a shiny finish, it might be a good idea to include a couple of layers of clear varnish when dry, though this is not crucial.

You could have to create more than one layer in order to make it look neat. (In my case, I required three layers of paint.) Allow each layer to dry before bring in another.

Utilize this measurement of the frame face width and draw onto the back of the paper you want to use, using a pencil and ruler.

Eliminate these sections. Be and try as precise as you can. You can cut the strips as long as you like, as long as they fit the width of the frame.

It’s a great idea to plan out your design a little, before gluing anything down. Choose where you wish to put the strips of paper you have eliminated and bear this in mind as you proceed.

To decoupage the frame, first coat the location that you are decorating with PVA glue. Press the wanted strip of paper firmly into place and after that coat the top of the strip of paper with PVA glue to paste it down securely.

When dry, either coat the whole frame with another layer of PVA glue, or coat with a layer of clear varnish to safeguard your design.

Image frames aren’t the only thing you can embellish making use of decoupage. The video below programs an idea for developing a decoupage side table. This craft can actually be made use of for anything, from tables and chairs to kitchen cupboards and notebooks.