Most individuals with an artistic personality, featured patients and a steady hand. People like that have a present others just dream about. If its not a paint brush chosen as a weapon of choice its a knife used for marquetry, opportunities are. This woodworking method is an art that is losing its popularity. Marquetry has and is a beautiful art produced a few of the most fantastic productions I never thought were possible.

It is not only in India alone, but there are other nations also where stunning artistic work has been done making use of Pietra dura. One such gorgeous example is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary at Dubrovnik in Croatia. The color combination, proportion advertisement the design is great.

For those who don’t understand just what marquetry is, it is where smaller sized pieces of wood of different colored woods (to include contrast) are cut out and positioned together to produce a picture. The pieces of wood are extremely few and can be taken from scraps of woods such as hickory, maple, Padauk, and poplar. These woods have vibrant colors that aren’t extremely similar when positioned beside each other.

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Like painting there are numerous various techniques utilized to cut and paste these pieces of wood together. The most common technique being used today requires that the individual pieces of veneers be joined together with the clear adhesive tape. This is done a couple methods, for instance, you can put the veneer on before cutting so it stops the veneer from cracking and breaking up as you attempt to cut the shape.

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For pictorial marquetry, till just recently, marketers advised that you make use of bit board to mount the picture on. The main reason for this being that eventually, after 5, 10, 20 years, the veneer and the mounting board will certainly start to warp. To overcome this, it has actually always been suggested that the reverse side of a picture also be veneered.

This assists to counteract the tension forces acting in the picture. As time has actually gone on and the wood market established the particle board, its counted on using this as a mounting board since of its higher resistance to bending. When making photos 3/8′ or’ appeared to be most appropriate. Of course it was still suggested that both sides be done with veneers.